Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Juhi Wrote A Reccomendation for me on Linkedin.com

Juhi Says: 

“Rocket's sweet. He cares enough for each and every one of his clients. Tries the hard sell all the time and might be a clever cheating fox according to latest 'Break-the-Rocket-Singh-mystery', but everyone's gotta accept he's sweet. He's liek the Jim Carey from Liar Liar. Liek a SRK from every post-millennium movie. All with a pinch of spice. ;) His employers are heck happy with him! He could be the morning Sunshine for any leading lady in Bollywood! The dance steps: Tip-tip-tip-leftlegintheair tip-tip-tip-rightlegintheair is legendary! You give him ice to sell to an eskimo and it SHALL be done. Thats how good a salesman he is! Trustworthy, professional, funny, and kinda looks liek Ranbir Kapoor don't you think? ;)” 

Thank you Juhi, You Made my day ... :D I'm sending out a bunch of roses to you :)

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